Discover the Emmental

Set out and explore the many facets of Emmental. Whether it's a hike across green meadows and through shady forests, a bike tour through the hilly mountain landscape, a visit to a museum or attending a cultural event - the Emmental offers something for everyone.




Gotthelf Church Würzbrunnen

Let yourself be enchanted by the special atmosphere of the Gotthelf Church "Würzbrunnen".
On the website of the municipality of Röthenbach you will find more information about this destination.


Gemeinde Röthenbach

Chuderhüsi lookout tower

Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view from the "Chuderhüsi tower" over the Bernese Alps to the Black Forest.
On the website of the municipality of Röthenbach you will find more information about this excursion destination.


Gemeinde Röthenbach

Aebi pottery show

Look over the shoulders of the potters, enjoy a delicious Z'Vieri or take your favorite piece home with you. Let yourself be inspired by the ceramic pottery in the Aebi pottery show.

Schautöpferei Aebi


It is best to visit the Kambly factory store with an empty stomach. There you can try almost all the "Güetzi" varieties that Kambly has to offer. You can also buy the ones you like best and enjoy them at home.



Unesco Biosphäre Entlebuch

Unesco Biosphäre Entlebuch

The Unesco Biosphere Entlebuch

In the Unesco Biosphere Entlebuch you can experience something in every season. Explore the high moors, take a trip to one of the local mountains or learn about the biodiversity of fauna and flora during an excursion. The endless variety of nature in the Entlebuch Biosphere offers countless possibilities.


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Ambassador business

The Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad helps as the first Unesco Biosphere Entlebuch ambassador business to preserve the exceptional natural and cultural landscape and to strengthen the living and economic space UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch.

As a guest or customer, you can experience the UNSECO Biosphere Entlebuch outside the region. Because the regional ambassador businesses share the achievements, goals and visions of the UNSECO Biosphere Entlebuch. They support the efforts of this UNESCO model region to shape sustainable living and working and therefore also use its products and services.

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Moments of happiness

The adventure guide of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch offers the perfect moment of happiness for young and old. Discover the "Wild West" and let yourself be enchanted by the untouched moorland. On public courses you will experience the interaction of man and nature at first hand.


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Carting Marbachegg

For all those who don't just want to enjoy the view or always walk. But also for those.
Race the carts on a wooden track across the alpine pastures of Marbachegg.



Mountain cheese dairy Marbach

From water buffalo to a treat for the palate - when you visit the gallery of the Marbachegg mountain cheese dairy, you will find out whether there are any differences in the production of buffalo mozzarella compared to conventional mozzarella. Of course, you can also put the excellent product through its paces right on the spot.


Bergkäserei Marbach

Berner Oberland

Berner Oberland

Alpine town of Thun

After the eventful drive over the Schallenberg, with a magnificent view of the alpine chain of the Bernese Oberland, you will reach the alpine town of Thun (duration approx. 40 minutes). The castle towers proudly over the town and watches over the picturesque old town streets. Do you already know Thun's Hochtrottoirs? Here it is wonderful to stroll and store on two floors.


Thun Tourismus