The Kemmeriboden bench secret - The circular route

Welcome to the official circular route to the "Kemmeriboden bench secret". Here, at eight resting places, we tell you anecdotes about the Kemmeriboden bench and our home town of Schangnau. For each of these anecdotes, our long-time friend and bench artist, Peter Arnold, created a bench made of Bumbacher ash from the local sawmill of the Gerber family with a lot of heart and soul and his own very special style. With text and pictures from the Schangnau photographer Pinaki, we tell you with each "Bänkli" an anecdote or just a "secret" from our region. We thank our guests, the accomplices of the "bench secret", for their generous donation for the benches!


The accomplices:

Customs: Bernhard Schweizer,, Aeschi
Cattle show: Lötscher family, Meggen
Wood: Dr. Karin Stadelmann, Simon Brechbühl, family practice, Schüpbach
Feasting: Strasser family, fruit service Lotzwil
Schnapps: Bütikofer family, Anita Ziegler & Karin Jaberg, Liechti Kälte AG
Farm dogs: Rover group Catena, Patria, Bern
Cottages: Gregor Thaler, Betten Thaler, Lucerne
Emme: Gaby and Markus Kaufmann, Langnau

Have fun discovering the bank secret: Family Invernizzi, Hotel Kemmeriboden Bad with team, Pinaki, Peter Arnold and the accomplices.

The secret diary - The circuit

Smuggling, prison camps, a quick-witted landlady, sulfur cures, company base, indecent behavior ... The time-honored country inn Kemmeriboden-Bad in the wild and romantic Emmental has experienced quite a bit and would know many an exciting story to tell, which was hidden until today.

Immerse yourself in the time around 1900 in Kemmeriboden-Bad and experience how people worked, traded and loved back then.

The author Gaby Kaufmann from Langnau was commissioned by the Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad to write "Das geheime Tagebuch" ("The Secret Diary"), which traces the history of Kemmeriboden and reveals many exciting facts. Such as the fact that the host family Invernizzi is one of Dällebach Kari's relatives. The writing in the diary gives a realistic insight into the eventful time before World War II.


A circular route, with over 20 posts, has been created to accompany the book. It will also give you an exciting insight into the turbulent time before the 2nd World War. Signs will give you information about the living conditions in the Kurhaus at that time, partly with amusing anecdotes, partly with historical games (suitable for young and old).

Duration of the tour: approx. 1 hour.




Sculpture path

On May 20, 2014 we were allowed to open the path. In collaboration with the Gfeller family from Schönisey, the Schangnau Tourism Association and dedicated artists, we have created a unique place. Young and old walked the paths, marveled at the sculptures and were thrilled. Discover the sculpture path in an approx. 1-hour hiking tour from Kemmeriboden along the Emme. Whether carved in stone or sawn in wood, discover the various sculptures along the way. Beaming eyes, smiling faces, fascinated amazement!