The winter fairy tale

Even the journey to Kemmeriboden Bad, through the gentle, glittering, snow-covered landscape, is like a fairytale. A majestic igloo landscape shines between the romantic snow-covered roofs of the time-honoured wooden houses of the Kemmeriboden spa. In front of the igloos, a lovely scent of homemade Brätzeli and mulled wine welcomes the arriving hotel guests.

In the following video you can see how the igloos are built.

Fondue Fun

Whether it's a convivial cheese fondue on our winter terrace, an overnight stay in a romantic igloo or a Christmas party with the company, family or friends, everything is possible in the winter fairytale land of Kemmeriboden Bad.
When it slowly gets darker, the enchanted lights around Kemmeriboden Bad shine. The romantic atmosphere invites you to linger on a bench, wrapped in furs and cozy wool blankets, even on a cold winter evening.

Would you like to experience a winter fairy tale in Kemmeriboden Bad?

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